Monday, September 17, 2007

Critters Coming

My friend Judy and I are getting ready to do a show of works on paper in November. She'll have mostly etchings; I'll have mostly woodcuts. All the art will be of, about, or even by (!!) animals of various sorts. It's been fun getting ready for this! I'll give you a sneak peek of a little print I did last year for an exchange with other printmakers, called "Mouse" (original title, huh?). The background is part of an unfinished watercolor. Both the outline and the texture of the mouse were done with linoleum cuts. I burnished the filler just with my fingers to get that texture, which came from the rough paper. The outline was done with my ancient wooden tool I call a spoonula because it's halfway between a spoon and a spatula. I can press much harder with it, so the outline is flatter black. It's only the beginning....


The Stamping Dragon said...

It's very cool. I love the texture of the mouse.

You could have named it "cat food"!

Barbara said...

...Or "dog toy;" our dog likes to play with them until they're licked to death.
Thanks, S.D.