Thursday, June 21, 2012


What to do on the first, hot, day of summer? Why, paint of course. Even though the temperature was 92 degrees, I went to Canterbury Shaker Village, thinking that I could find some shade and that there might be a breeze up on the hill. Right on both counts! I also pulled up a chair in an attempt to save my energy in the heat. 

There are cows at the Village this year. When I arrived, mid-morning, they were all walking around munching grass.

A few hours later, they had flaked out and were lying around like a bunch of hot hounds. 

There was water available for them. 

The gardens are smaller this year, but still beautiful. They aren't growing any vegetables, from what I could see. 

Here's a closeup of those poppies near the barn. 

A lot of the plantings are medicinal herbs and other useful stuff. Everything is labeled, so there's something to learn. 

One of my favorite flowers. These old-fashioned roses smell wonderful! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This may look like an odd picture to post, but it shows just how faithfully my ancient Volvo has taken me to countless painting sites, among other places. I've never had a car that came even close to 300,000 miles. Now I'm thinking of trying for 400,000! It turned over on the way back from painting at a farm in Wells, Maine yesterday. And yes, I stopped the car to take the photo.

The day was overcast for quite awhile and my subject was pretty much in shadow. Even though it didn't seem like a very good choice, I couldn't resist the brick farmhouse and attached barn. I thought it was a pretty good start; then, in packing up, the painting fell in the dirt. Ugh! When it's dry, I'll brush it off and work on it a bit more. 

There was a flock of chickens running around the farm. That fence didn't keep them in for long. 
Their rooster kept them together, corralling them like a little sheepdog.