Thursday, June 21, 2012


What to do on the first, hot, day of summer? Why, paint of course. Even though the temperature was 92 degrees, I went to Canterbury Shaker Village, thinking that I could find some shade and that there might be a breeze up on the hill. Right on both counts! I also pulled up a chair in an attempt to save my energy in the heat. 

There are cows at the Village this year. When I arrived, mid-morning, they were all walking around munching grass.

A few hours later, they had flaked out and were lying around like a bunch of hot hounds. 

There was water available for them. 

The gardens are smaller this year, but still beautiful. They aren't growing any vegetables, from what I could see. 

Here's a closeup of those poppies near the barn. 

A lot of the plantings are medicinal herbs and other useful stuff. Everything is labeled, so there's something to learn. 

One of my favorite flowers. These old-fashioned roses smell wonderful! 

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