Thursday, October 4, 2007

Printmaking Experiment

Last week, I took a workshop in solarplate etching at Two Rivers Printmaking Studio. This is a method of etching using polymer plates that uses no acid or other chemicals to etch the plate. In preparing for the workshop, I did a drawing I hated, so, in desperation, I picked some leaves from the yard, scanned them into Photoshop and "messed around" with them until I got an image that looked OK. After a couple of tries, I ended up with this print that started with a few dandelion leaves. I printed the whole plate with yellow ochre first, then printed just the leaf area again with black. The registration, amazingly, worked perfectly; I just plonked the plate down over the printed yellow image by eye. The image is a bit odd, I'll admit, but I loved the dark, velvety black contrasted with the almost-shiny yellow. I'll be doing more experimenting with solarplate over the winter. Right now, I have to think about printing and framing for the critter show.


The Stamping Dragon said...

That's really cool. What kind of paper is that?

Barbara said...

Thanks, SD. The paper is Rives BFK, a heavy, yummy paper made especially for printmaking, but it's used for all kinds of other things, too. It was dampened for making the print.

Jeanne said...

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