Thursday, May 1, 2008

Plein Air - Tavern

For four days of last week, I painted with 10 other New Hampshire Plein Air artists in a Michael Chesley Johnson workshop. I learned a LOT and had a great time! This is one little (6" x 8") oil, still somewhat unfinished, of the old tavern in the village of Dunbarton. The methods we were using don't work as well on canvas as on a gessoed panel, so the weave is too prominent in some areas. I'll post more from the workshop as they are dry enough to scan, and there'll be more whenever the weather is good this spring and summer.


Curtis said...

I like the scene. It's very relaxing and inviting. The warm color balance makes me feel like late afternoon.t looks like some of our early California plein air impressionism.

Barbara said...

Thanks, Curtis. I had fun doing this, which is a pretty new experience. My aim was to leave out as much detail as possible, while still getting the basics down.