Saturday, July 5, 2008


Here's the "fix" to yesterday's failed acrylic landscape. I'm posting it to show the method rather than the success (it's still not OK as a painting!). First, I scanned the 6" x 6" painting into Photoshop and printed it out actual size onto heavy paper. Then I painted on clear Colourfix Primer, which has a fine grittiness to it. Once that dried (I left it overnight), I put a couple of layers of pastel over it, turning the ugly brown shed into a tree and adding a shadow in the front where there really should have been one. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm fairly sure that the Colourfix could be painted right over the original acrylic. Pastel over that would probably have even more texture to it. This method could also be used over watercolors (esp failed ones), drawings, pen and ink, etc., just about anything that would take the acrylic based Colourfix. 


ellen said...

Hi Barbara..Ellen Rolli here. I was directed to your blog by the webmaster of my previous website, Artist Colony. He has been helpful trying to get google to drop any association I might still have with Artist Colony. I have a new website now at I appreciate you linking me to your blog, but the old site comes up,(and shows nothing). Just wanted to let you know. You may link to my new site if you would like. I like your work very much!! Best, Ellen

Barbara said...

Thanks, Ellen; it's fixed! This inspires me to check my list every once in awhile.