Saturday, January 24, 2009

Illawarra Plum

This is a reduction woodcut that I did for a print exchange. It's oil-based ink on mulberry, 8" x 6" and has colored pencil added for the plums. I'm not completely happy with the green; in retrospect I would have made it lighter. The plant is native to Australia; I used Internet references and made up my version of it. 


Amie Roman said...

That looks really neat, B - how did you get the texture in the plums?

Amie Roman said...

Never mind - I'm blind; it's coloured pencil. Duh. It's just lovely. Hope that's for the Four Oceans Press exchange? :)

Barbara said...

Thanks, Amie; it is for the exchange. Nice to see that your "Q" print will be coming, too. There are some beautiful, delicate lines there.