Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another wildlife incident

I may have to turn this into a nature blog. Today, I watched a ruby-throated hummingbird slam into a window and crash to the ground. The little bird, a female, lay still in the grass, with her eyes closed. One of her wings looked bent and twisted and her tailfeathers were splayed out. I picked her up carefully and folded her wing in to her body. I could feel her heart beating, about a zillion times a minute. She blinked her eyes but didn't struggle at all. After a few minutes, she lifted her head up; I opened my hand and she buzzed off, seemingly as good as new. What a gift! 
Thanks to "Miss Mouse" for the photo. 


Mary said...

What a wonderful story, Barbara. Encounters with wildlife are truly a gift--especially brushes with danger that have happy endings!

Thank you for sharing the experience and a lovely photo.

"Think Tank" Mary

Gill Truslow said...

Hi Barbara,
It must have been so wonderful to feel that little life in your hands, and to be so close to that bear and yet be safe. (your print is wonderful!)
I went for my walk yesterday and had 2 deer run across the road and sidewalk about 10 feet in front of me and continue on leaping through the meadow to the brook. It was heartstopping.
We need to have an Art Group. I'll be done with school in one week :-)