Monday, May 31, 2010

Holiday Painting

Today was perfect weather for painting! My friend Judy and I went to Bristol, a great little town with lots of character. When we arrived, the townsfolk were in the middle of their Memorial Day celebrations: music, marching, gun salutes, a zillion flags. Within 15 minutes, the center had cleared out and we had the town center almost to ourselves. We found a spot to paint under the trees behind the diner, next to the Newfound River. Ideal, really: shady, cool, food and restroom nearby...... I painted the red building, which is the oldest in town, looking across the river. It was a grist mill in 1767, but is now a cafe, plus a music and poetry venue. I haven't looked at their website yet, but if you want to, it's at: The photo above is my setup about halfway through the painting. I'll post it when it's done. Oil on gessobord, 9 x 12.


Hannah Phelps said...

Love the start of this piece.

Good for you for working on a bank holiday! I just ate grilled food :)

sai said...
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Barbara Carr said...

Thanks, Hannah! I ate a salad and iced coffee from the diner while sitting next to the river. A picnic!