Sunday, April 22, 2012

Painting at Shaker Village

Four of us, members of New Hampshire Plein Air, painted at Canterbury Shaker Village last week. We had sunshine, a perfect temperature and a slight breeze to blow away the bugs. What could  be better? I set up my paintbox on one of the stone walls near the old outhouse. Easy!

One of the workers came and dumped several loads of dirt nearby while we were painting. His tractor made a nice frame for one of the painters. 

The Village changes constantly. Right now, there are many trees and bushes flowering.

I've painted there many times, but there's always something new to see and paint. It's also a great place to visit and learn about the Shakers and how they lived. Look for the link to their website at the right.


Linda A. Thompson Ditch said...

I worked as a tour guide there for 2 summers before moving to Kansas, and every day at work was a joy. The sense of peace that place gives you when you enter the grounds is like no other. And you are right, the look always changes. I took numerous photos throughout the season.

Barbara Carr said...

Thanks, Linda - it is a peaceful place. I have a zillion photos, too!