Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Well, I'm back. And one or more of my previous posts has (have) disappeared; I have no idea why. But, the exciting news is that I've just returned from a three-day outdoor painting workshop with Stapleton Kearns and eight other painters in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire. It was an adventure, to be sure! We stayed at the friendly Sunset Hill House, where the heat went off the first night and the water pipes froze. Why? Because the next morning, when we all went out to paint, it was 10 below zero! Fahrenheit. At least the sun was shining. No one died or got frostbite and everyone managed to paint until about 4:00 p.m.
The views were spectacular: Mounts Washington and Lafayette, with other presidents and Cannon also nearby. We could see the snow guns working on Cannon for the skiers from our back yard. I did three paintings over the long weekend, one of Lafayette (the second one above; 11 X 14, oil on panel), which may or may not be salvageable, another of the inn's "annex" building, where we almost had to move in the middle of the night (a decent start, I think; 12 x 16 oil on panel), plus a "wiper," that will never see the light of day, never mind be on this blog.
It was a great experience; I now feel able to paint in just about any weather; I met a bunch of really nice people and got a jolt of confidence.
An in-depth version of our experience can be seen on our instructor Stape's blog: http://www.stapletonkearns.blogspot.com/. Be sure to let him know if you think he looks good in the orange hat.


Hannah Phelps said...

Great stuff, Barbara! I really love these two paintings!

Susan Renee Lammers said...

Hi Betty! It was nice meeting you in Snow Camp! You did really well painting in freezing temperatures and severe winds day after day! Your New Hampshire is a beautiful place. I wish we would have drove around a bit so I could see a little of the countryside! But we were so determined and focused! Stapleton really impressed me with his energy and patience with us all! That is a rare quality in an artist so talented. I felt very lucky to had this opportuntiy. I will be posting photos of you painting on my website. www.ReneeLammers.com

Susan Renee Lammers said...

Ooops you are not Betty, but Barbara! Ha Ha I am so tired still. I feel like I need a few days of just sleeping. Sorry. You were wonderful to meet.