Saturday, January 29, 2011

About Time

It's been awhile, plus those hornworms are pretty ugly, so here goes with something I hope is better. I have a few things in McGowan Fine Art's Love, Lust & Desire show; here are two of them. Backside Bouquet is a small (8" x 8") oil on panel of a flower arrangement that was on the table at a friend's wedding. I had painted the same flowers from the front with a lighter background earlier, thus the odd title. The other painting is a close-up watercolor (about 10" x 7") of an amaryllis I have that has bloomed about 12 years in a row. Right now, it's in sleep mode. One of my prints is in this year's Prints of the Year show. Info on both shows is at right. One of my New Year resolutions is to -um- blog more often. In a couple of days, I'm off for a few days of painting the snow in Vermont. I'll post again when I get back. Really!

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