Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some History

My turn has come to look through the family photos. It's been fun reliving some old times and since some of the pics are (distantly) art-related, I thought I'd post some here over the next few weeks. This photo was taken from the porch at my godfather's place in Rockport, Massachusetts. We stayed there off and on when I was a kid, sleeping on the floor in the tiny apartment. You can see the iconic Motif #1 in the background. The building we stayed in is still there; you can see it in the photo (on the right ((not the far right)), with the outside stairs) that I took last year when Steve and I went to Rockport for Paul Goodnow's opening at the Rockport Art Association. Motif #1 is still there, too, sort of. The original was destroyed in a storm years back; the town then built a replica. It's way too straight, of course. Maybe it will gain some charm over time. Speaking of charm, that serious-looking kid in the last photo is me, in my "arty" skirt, standing on the porch with the sun in my eyes. I was eight. The lady is my mom and the kid is my baby brother Billy.


Greg Carr said...

Hi Barbara!! I think it's amazing how much that picture of you at eight looks like my mother. Well I guess you guys are cousins so it would make sense. Crazy French Canadians!

Barbara Carr said...

Yeah, Greg, I look like Nina, too.