Sunday, May 27, 2012

What Season Is It, Anyway?

This must be New England. Here I am, less than three weeks ago, taking a break from painting to pose in my new summer hat in New Castle. Mary Byrom, coordinator of the southern chapter of the Plein Air Painters of Maine, took the pic.

About a week later, I'm painting in Perkins Cove in my winter hat, knitted by my friend Ruth. I have a heavy wool sweater under the windbreaker, too. It was a chilly, gray day! The picnic table was a handy place to put my paintbox. (Thanks for the photo, Marcus!)

Even on a dark day, there are interesting things to see and paint. These boats always seem to be here, waiting for someone to paddle them out to a lobster boat.

On land, you might see folks hanging out around the back of a pickup truck to chat. It's not much different on the water.

There's work to do, too. On a previous sunny day, the Michelle D heads out to pull traps.

Even though the Cove is full of working boats, the scene is peaceful and gorgeous. I still haven't finished that painting I started..... I'll just have to go back.


Hannah Phelps said...

It has been a strange spring, Barbara. Glad you've been able to get out no matter the temperature!

Barbara Carr said...

Thanks, Hannah! You ought to come join us sometime, maybe after you've finished getting ready for The Big Show.